For children

Romantic relationship in adolescence

Adolescence is one of the most beautiful periods of life, when we begin to get to know ourselves more and […]

Who sexually abuses children?

Child sexual abuse is the worst form of abuse today. Unfortunately, some people end up abusing children and teenagers in […]

“To say or not to say?” Revealing sexual abuse

“To say or not to say?” – children who go through such experiences often ask themselves. The thought that they […]

About violence

Despite worldwide progress towards eliminating the use of corporal punishment, many parents continue to use corporal punishment to ‘educate’ their […]

What Grooming is?

Grooming is a term used to describe how people who want to sexually abuse children and young people approach them […]

What is sexting?

Sexting generally refers to sending sexually explicit images or messages via text, social media or direct messages. For example, it […]

Your rights

Human rights and children’s rights Do you know that all people have rights? Do you know that until the age […]

What can you do in situations of abuse?

Violence and other forms of abuse What is abuse? Abuse is any voluntary action by a person who is in […]