For Children

About violence

Despite worldwide progress towards eliminating the use of corporal punishment, many parents continue to use corporal punishment to ‘educate’ their children. In some societies, violence is simply seen as a normal way to educate and control children. Therefore, some parents believe that corporal punishment is an appropriate and effective way to educate children and that the pain caused by the hit will help the child to learn. Sometimes parents may not be aware of the negative impact of corporal punishment on their child’s health and development. In other cases, parents resort to corporal punishment because of stress, tension and anger, often because they lack non-violent strategies and approaches to deal with difficult situations. The continued use of corporal punishment clearly demonstrates the need for construct. There is now a growing legal, social and scientific basis for ending corporal punishment of children, which clearly signals that all forms of violence against children are unacceptable.New scientific evidence has increased our knowledge about child development and the negative impact of corporal punishment on children’s health and development.[1]

What causes violence?

  • Exposure to physical, emotional, sexual abuse
  • Media influence
  • Watching violent programmes
  • Video games with major emotional impact affecting mental health
  • Substance use (alcohol, illegal substances)

What are the consequences of violence?

  • Social withdrawal, anti-social behaviour
  • Possibility of delinquent behaviour
  • Possibility to commit crimes
  • Mental disorders, low self-esteem, anxiety, shame, even depression
  • Low school results and dropping out

Children learn how to behave by watching adults. Parents need to make an effort to maintain a sense of values and morals alongside how to express themselves non-violently and to set an example in doing so.

Counselling by professionals is one of the effective methods when a person has been a victim of violence or has abused someone. Today, there is a great emphasis on anger management techniques, which will further reduce the phenomenon of abuse and violence, although research in this area still has a long way to go to combat the human need for domination and control.


Violence begets violence!!