For parents

Child sexual abuse – who abuses children?

The thought of people sexually abusing children is terrifying and inevitably we sometimes wonder who would do such a thing […]

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: An essential guide for parents

Sexual abuse is a serious and highly sensitive issue affecting millions of children worldwide. To ensure the safety and protection […]

Childhood sex games

At pre-school age or in the early school years, games involving undressing in front of another child and looking at […]

The role of social worker in cases of child sexual abuse

Social assistance is a component of the national social protection system and includes social services and social benefits provided by […]

Typology of sexual behaviour

The influences that can be exerted on children’s sexual behaviours are manifold. For example, age-appropriate sexual behaviours can be affected […]

Identifying behaviours of concern in children’s development

When making judgments about violence, it is advisable to understand the child’s developmental level – which includes the physical, cognitive, […]

What grooming is?

Grooming is a term used to describe how people who want to sexually abuse children and young people approach them […]

How might the parents of an abused child feel?

Anger May feel anger towards the abuser for hurting the child, betraying trust, cheating and manipulating. May feel anger towards […]

Ideas to help and stimulate your child

Ideas to help the psycho-social recovery of child victims Create opportunities (or topics) while doing an activity or playing together. […]

Needs of sexually abused children after assault or disclosure

Needs of physically abused children The child should be approached in a warm, open and supportive manner. Sometimes the child […]