For Parents

Needs of sexually abused children after assault or disclosure

Needs of physically abused children

  • The child should be approached in a warm, open and supportive manner.
  • Sometimes the child will talk easily about the abuse, other times they may be afraid of the possible repercussions or not want to cause their parents any distress.
  • It’s good that when the child is unwilling to volunteer information about the abuse, they are not pressured to do so.

The needs of sexually abused children after assault or disclosure are:

  • Continue to believe the child and don’t blame them for what happened;
  • Consult the indicated physician regarding the need for medical examination and/or treatment;
  • Instruct the child to tell you immediately if the abuser tries sexual contact again or if it bothers him/her in any way;
  • Reassure the child repeatedly that he or she is safe;
  • Respond calmly and naturally to questions and feelings the child expresses about the molestation, but don’t insist on talking about it;
  • Respects the child’s right to privacy, confidentiality and does not allow questioning of the child by others not directly involved in the handling of the case;
  • Parents or other caregivers should encourage the child to follow the rules of the house (regular duties, bedtimes, rules, etc.);
  • Parents should inform the child’s siblings/guardians that something has happened to the child, but that the child is safe and everything will be fine. Do not discuss the details of the assault with siblings. Make sure that all children in the family have received enough information to be safe from the abuser;
  • Parents should make time to discuss the situation with a trusted person – family member, priest, counsellor (but not in front of the child/children). Discuss and express how you feel.
  • Young children need clear information to guide them and help them become less vulnerable.



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