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Human rights and the rights of the child

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the UN on 10 December 1948.

On 4 November 1950, the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms was also adopted in Rome by the Council of Europe.
The Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 20 November 1989 (Children’s Rights Day).
Law No 272/2004 on the protection and promotion of the rights of the child
Law No 273/2004 on the legal regime of adoption
Law No 1/2011 on national education
Methodological Norms of 2020 for the application of the provisions of Art. 7 para. (1^1), art. 56^1 and point 6^1 of the Annex to the National Education Law no. 1/2011 on psychological violence – bullying
Law 286 of 2009 on the Penal Code
Law 287 of 2009 on the Civil Code