For Specialists

Barnahus standards

  1. Respecting of best interest of the child and his or her rights of being heard, informed, while avoiding undue delays between reporting facts and interviews;
  2. Multi-disciplinary and interinstitutional collaboration, by integrating the model into national or local social or child protections services, law enforcement/judicial system or in national health system.
  3. The target group includes all children who are victims and/or witnesses of crime, involving all forms of violence.
  4. The premises shall be organized by: locating the premises in an accessible area; creating a child-friendly indoor environment appropriate to respect the absolute principle of confidentiality; organizing the hearing rooms separately from the observation rooms.
  5. Case management is inter-institutional, involving the institutions requesting the hearings, medical institutions, the Directorate General of Social Assistance and Child Protection Department sector 6 and the Save the Children organization.
  6. Judicial interviews are conducted by the specialized staff of the institutions involved in case management and are audio- and video-recorded in order to avoid their replay by other specialists who legally need access to the information collected.
  7. Medical and/or forensic evaluations may only be carried out on Barnahus premises by specialized staff.
  8. Therapeutic mental health services may be made available to child victims or witnesses, contributing to the physical, psychological and social reintegration of child victims.
  9. Members of the Barnahus team and partners receive regular training in their areas of expertise.
  10. Barnahus organizes, with the participation of specialized institutions, training sessions, national campaigns or information opportunities on the phenomenon of child abuse and sessions for public institutions, including educational institutions, and non-governmental organizations.

Barhahus is the first project of its kind in Romania to provide protection, assistance and psychological counselling services to children who have been victims of physical and sexual abuse, facilitating the obtaining of valid testimonies for the court, preventing re-traumatization of children.

Barnahus is a space for organizing training sessions and exchange of experience, aimed at training magistrates, psychologists and social workers to understand the psychological and legal perspective of children in judicial situations.